Meet JD Edwards UX One

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Meet JD Edwards UX One, focused on user experience. Discover the main features of this ERP from Oracle.

Oracle is one of the biggest names in the computing and information technology sector, specializing in the development of hardware, software, and databases for companies in all segments. Focused on optimizing the user experience, Oracle promotes constant improvements in its products and services, such as the JD Edwards ERP. Combining the User Experience (UX) concept and the JD Edwards ERP, Oracle brings to the market JD Edwards UX One, a disruptive and innovative business management software. Check the post for more about JD Edwards UX One and discover the features that this ERP presents.

The importance of User Experience

JD Edwards UX One is an interface within JD Edwards Enterpriseone that presents users with a more intuitive and efficient interaction area for carrying out daily activities. In UX One, the user experience has become even better. After all, the interface allows the customization of forms, notifications and pages the way the user prefers, in addition to enabling visualization in a simple and understandable way. That way, users can meet their software demands through JD Edwards UX One components, rather than relying on off-the-shelf customizations. UX One brings together the latest advancements in the JD Edwards user experience, building on the principles of “Alert, Analysis, Action” so that all types of users work the way they want and become more efficient. The interface includes a set of role-based solutions from across the JD Edwards portfolio, as well as a set of tools for developers to create their own methods. Accessible from any device and anytime, UX One aims to:

  • Make JD Edwards simpler and more modern:

    • Offer a UX that makes it easier for users to adopt;
    • Offer a UX that facilitates the performance of work for users;
    • Offer a UX that is easy to configure and customize.

  • Allowing out of the box thinking:

    • Offer a UX that enables new roles and non-traditional users;
    • Support lite-touch interactions.

  • Check out the main features of JD Edwards UX One:
  • IoT Orchestrator

    The IoT Orchestrator tool is incorporated into the UX One software, allowing the connection with other devices, sensors and terminals, creating a kind of communication bridge with the ERP and allowing the access of other people.

  • Mobility

    Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) technology enables the development of iOS, Android and Microsoft applications so that the user has access to incoming orders, approval processes, and real-time consultation of financial and billing statements.

  • Form Customization

    The Form Customization option allows the user to customize the screen he uses on a daily basis, eliminating unnecessary fields or changing orders. These customizations can also be shared with other ERP users.

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