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Innovation with JD Edwards.

We simplify the entire user experience, from design to implementation.

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What we deliver:

  • Oracle JD Edwards
  • Development and customizations
  • Migration and new versions
  • Rollout
  • Analytical intelligence
  • JD Edwards Support (CSC)
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Project management
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Our partners:

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Oracle is a world leader in the development of integrated hardware and software solutions, aiming to reduce IT costs and complexity, and free up resources, time and people for innovation.

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Modtec is an innovation company in the Go On Group focused on offering technological solutions that guarantee competitive advantages for its customers. With this partnership, Go On and Modtec bring technology aligned to the JD Edwards ERP system, ensuring faster and more integrated information, applications and mobility.


Implementation, agility and precision at every step.

The complete implementation of the JD Edwards system includes the finance, purchasing, distribution, and manufacturing modules, comprising of the following phases:

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Schedule preparation, with definitions of resources, activities, and deadlines necessary for the accomplishment of the project.

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Mapping of current processes and definitions of new processes.

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Preparation of functional and technical documentation, configuration, development, unit tests, and integrated process tests.

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Definition of the Cutover plan, training, end user communications, system performance evaluation, and data migration.

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Support to end users, answering questions and solving small problems found in the implemented processes.


Projects and improvements.

Execution of implementation and improvement projects within the JD Edwards system, covering the implementation of all modules to small improvements in modules already installed, such as new legislation regarding changes in the electronic invoices, tax and accounting reports, and new scenarios in previously implemented business processes.

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Development and customizations.

ERP customization

ERP customization according to the details mapped in each process, seeking to meet the needs of each area with greater precision.

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App development

Construction of applications according to the specific needs of each client, resulting in exclusive and personalized high-performance applications, with an intuitive interface and comfortable navigation that provide an excellent user experience.

APIs and Web Services development

Development of APIs to provide or to use services and information, allowing online communication between systems from different platforms, regardless of the programming languages used.

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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator is an extremely versatile tool that allows you to create simple and secure integrations and automations with other systems and services.

RPA Automation

Automation of repetitive tasks that require human interaction, ensuring the correct flow of execution with greater speed and providing increased productivity and cost reduction.

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Building JD Edwards interfaces with other systems

We develop interfaces for exchanging ERP information with different systems, always observing the most appropriate form of integration for each case. Thus, it is possible to keep data centralized, increasing confidence in information and improving process efficiency.


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Expertise in creating amazing solutions.

On-Premise to Cloud Environment Migration

On-Premise to Cloud migration consists of bringing together all systems and data — supported by Windows or Linux — located on a server or data center, making them available in cloud providers responsible for the entire physical structure.

Version migration (Upgrade)

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP 9.2 offers new possibilities to meet changes and new functionality in business processes and adapt to recent legal and tax requirements.

Analytical Intelligence

JD Edwards Enterprise One View Reporting allows you to generate strategic reports through BI Publisher in an easy and dynamic way, helping business decision making. One View Reporting also facilitates the construction and export of reports in different formats and with the most varied elements, such as tables, images and graphs, thus reducing development and maintenance costs.


Rollout projects consist of adapting JD Edwards ERP for companies that already use this system in their environment and that are completing an acquisition and/or expanding their business, such as new branches or lines of business, and that wish to migrate from the old technology to the JD Edwards ERP.

AMS and shared services

To make the AMS service even more sustainable and dynamic, we have the Shared Services Center (CSC) that aims to provide the best service strategy, eliminating the need for internal expenses in maintenance and operation, thus ensuring technological evolution.

Oracle Cloud

Increasingly, the adoption of cloud computing is no longer an option. It’s becoming an essential strategy for companies. This is because the cloud eliminates the need for large investments in databases, hardware and in-house teams and starts to carry out the maintenance of all this large infrastructure of IT.

Project management

Service focused on project management, in which we provide a professional with the experience and skills necessary to lead the project, monitoring through traditional, agile and hybrid methodologies.


Blog Go On.

Follow our news and stay informed.

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