What's unique about Oracle JD Edwards ERP.

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The ever-increasing competition in a global marketplace requires companies in the manufacturing and distribution industry to invest in more efficient ways to define, track and change business processes. Oracle's JD Edwards ERP represents the ideal solution for this sector. After all, the ERP system allows you to manage all aspects of the business, aligning financial, human resources and supply chain, manufacturing, and distribution management. With the use of an ERP, it is possible to integrate each department of the company in a single environment, allowing end-to-end monitoring of all business processes and assisting in the growth and expansion of operations. JD Edwards ERP offers a wide variety of modules to meet the unique needs of companies in the manufacturing and distribution industry. Check out how JD Edwards can be applied in this sector and what makes it stand out.

JD Edwards in the Distribution and Manufacturing sector

The industrial sector has a series of challenges, such as inventory and cost control, resources and operation aligned with demand, global competitiveness, regulation and tracking, among others. For this reason, manufacturing and distribution companies need to invest in technological management systems that optimize supply chain operations and enable business growth through customer-centric processes. Oracle's JD Edwards ERP is a platform for the complete management of different departments of the company, which allows enterprise resource planning and complete visibility of all end-to-end business processes. Learn more about the JD Edwards difference:

  • System easy to deploy and update;

  • Simplification through customization and UX;

  • Greater visibility across the company;

  • Enables digital business (application, cloud, IoT, big data analytics, etc);

And much more!

In the manufacturing and distribution industry, JD Edwards offers several unique solutions, including:

  • Multimode Manufacturing:

    management of different combinations of processes, such as manufacturing, product data, shop floor management, among others.

  • Health and safety:

    capturing, investigating and reporting workplace incidents.

  • Medical devices:

    Inventory control and serialization, electronic records.

  • Automotive:

    automotive release accounting and cumulative management.

With JD Edwards digital technologies, managers can transform their business processes. Oracle's other solutions, such as the SaaS Cloud (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service), make it possible to complement and expand existing processes.

Meet Go On Associated

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