What makes Oracle JD Edwards ERP unique?

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In an increasingly demanding and competitive market, organizations need to find strategic solutions to stand out from the competition without raising costs. Investing in a good management system, such as the Oracle JD Edwards ERP, can be the ideal option for the company to maintain control of its processes and grow efficiently. Acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning (or Planejamento dos Recursos da Empresa, in Portuguese), ERP is an integrated business management system that supports the organization in total control of information, gathering and managing data, processes and resources to optimize business decision making. In practice, ERP manages all the daily activities of a company, from administrative to operational, organizing information such as billing, balance sheet, purchases, cash flow, personnel administration, inventory, accounts receivable, among others. Now that you know the importance of an ERP system for the development of your business, learn more about Oracle JD Edwards ERP and what makes it stand out.

Learn about Oracle JD Edwards ERP

Oracle is a technology and information technology company, a world leader in the development of integrated hardware and software solutions for various business segments. JD Edwards, owned by Oracle, is considered one of the most modern ERPs on the market, and presents a series of facilities and resources that optimize the management of business processes and essential activities for companies. Used by more than seven thousand organizations around the world, JD Edwards is suitable for small, medium and large companies, from the most varied segments, such as consumer goods, manufacturing, distribution, construction, engineering and architecture, etc. JD Edwards ERP is based on cutting-edge technology and modular solutions to support the management of different business departments such as finance, sales, human resources, services, among others. Check out the main features of this system:

  • One View Reports:

    real-time integrated reports to access data and create lists, tables, graphs, etc.

  • UX One:

    features that simplify and modernize the user experience.

  • Mobile apps:

    more than 88 JDE applications available for users who want to use a mobile platform for JD Edwards ERP.

  • Internet of Things:

    integrated IoT platform.

  • Cloud Capacity:

    cloud hosting and running and cloud application integration option.

Go On Associated: the best partner for your company

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